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Imran Khan and Shoaib Akhter (Biography set)

Imran Khan and Shoaib Akhter (Biography set)

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The definitive biography of Imran Khan, the former Pakistan cricket captain and all-rounder?the Oxbridge graduate and vociferous campaigner; the devout Muslim whose kaleidoscopic social life flooded the gossip columns; the man who raised $60 million for cancer research and who is now one of the most important political figures in Pakistan. On one thing, Imran Khan's friends and enemies it all began with the leopard print satin trousers. In November 1974, the Cricketer International published an article about the new elite group of young talented players, "into concepts like fashion and pop music," and bent on challenging cricket's eternal stereotypes. Of the five featured stars on the cover, a superbly hirsute 21-year-old wearing a tight black shirt and gaudy trousers, with a facial expression of supreme self-confidence, stood out. Imran Khan has always been a controversial figure, a man who gives rise to hot debate on account of his strong conviction and hard line views.

Imran Khan: The Cricketer, The Celebrity and the Politician 
Author: Christopher Sandford
Pages: 402 
Shoaib Akhtar has been one of the most colorful characters in the history of cricket. He is the fastest bowler in the world, who set an official world record by achieving the fastest delivery when he clocked in at 161.3 km/ph (100.2 mph) twice in the same match. Having taken more than 400 wickets in international cricket, he is a phenomenal cricketer too.

Tagged as being undisciplined, Akhtar’s career has been plagued by injuries, controversies and accusations of poor attitude. Here he tells his side of the story. The early years of deprivation, the relentless self-imposed discipline, the way he played both on the cricket grounds and outside. His is also the inside story of Pakistan cricket, no holds barred: the strange ways of the cricket board, the hierarchies and manipulations and, above all, the magic of the game itself.
Controversially Yours: An Autobiography 
Author: Shoaib Akhter
Pages: 280 


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